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  1. Prize Money Guaranteed n Canadian Dollar.  In the case of less than 25 fish caught the rest of the prize payouts will be drawn out.

  2. Heaviest Walleye wins GRAND PRIZE – Any & all applicable taxes will be the winner’s responsibility.

  3. In the event of a tie, first weighed fish wins – All winning fish may be subject to Inspection.

  4. One entry, one hole, one line.  Anglers can move from one hole to another during derby.

  5. Contestants must have a clean pail & dipper to put water in the pail to transport to weigh station.

  6. Contestants may bring a chair, blanket, thermos, & small coolers (subject to inspection)

  7. NO AGE RESTRICTIONS.  However contestants over 65 years and handicap will need to be registered as so for security reasons.

  8. No fishing electronics.  No using eye/body parts from another fish (excluding minnows) for bait, as per provincial law.

  9. No vehicles, skidoos or motorized vehicles allowed in fishing area.

  10. INTOXICATED contestants/individuals will not be allowed in the fishing area & will be asked to leave the fishing area without any refunds.

  11. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS.  – No exceptions.

  12. Registration fees will only be accepted in cash, money orders or certified cheques.  NO PERSONAL CHEQUES WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Please make money orders or certified cheques payable to Montreal Lake Fish Derby.

  13. Absolutely no one will not be allowed to pre-fish at the derby area, the area surrounding, nor the parking area on the ice.

  14. Contestants must be visible to derby officials & other contestants at all times during the derby. No ice huts, shelters, or shacks will be allowed in the derby area.

  15. Fish Derby will begin at 11:00AM & end at 5:00PM.  Contestants must be IN LINE at 5:00 PM in order to have fish weighed.  A horn will indicate the start and finish times.

  16. All fish must be brought for weigh-in immediately.  Dead or frozen fish will not be weighed.  Weigh Master’s decision is final. Bring fish for weigh-in station in your pail with water in it. THIS IS A CATCH AN RELEASE DERBY.

  17. There will be 1 weigh station only, the weigh station will be clearly marked.

  18. Absolutely no passing of fish from one ticket/contestant to another ticket/contestant.

  19. All signs will be clearly posted, including parking area, weigh-in station & fishing derby area.

  20. Security & derby officials will be on site to monitor the fishing area.

  21. Prizes will be presented at the designated area shortly after the derby ends.

  22. All anglers that do not have a Treaty Right to fish must have a valid angling license as per Saskatchewan fishing regulations.

  23. Prior to registration, sponsors of tickets must provide a list of names and payment in full.

  24. Failure to comply with any rule will result in disqualification and will be asked to leave the fishing area without a refund.

  25. Tournament officials, MLCN Chief & Council and organizers will not be allowed to fish.

  26. Event Organizers & Officials are not responsible for any Death, Injury, Theft, Damage to Property or any loss, which may occur before, during or after the derby.


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